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Lumigo LED panels: for rooms with a better view

Enhance the wellbeing of your workers, guests or customers with illuminated LED picture panels from Lumigo.

Not every business has the luxury of choosing its location. If your office sits in the middle of an industrial estate, chances are your view – if you have one at all – is of other industrial units. Not every city centre hotel room looks out over the skyline. Not every wellbeing clinic looks out on forests and streams. And when you look up, chances are all you see is the ceiling.

But with a little innovation, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing Lumigo LED panels

Lumigo LED panels create views where you don’t have any. At 600 x 600 mm or 1200 x 600mm, they’re designed to replace standard suspended ceiling tiles. With your tiles replaced by your chosen LED panel in a 2,4 or 6 panel configuration, looking up could give you a view of blue sky or a coral reef. Customise the image and you have even greater flexibility of the view, from clouds to stars to a cosmic scene. Play with the image and you can play with the applications for the tiles too – from children’s play centres to retail stores to schools.

Despite them being ceiling tile-sized, a simple fixing kit enables the picture panels to work just as effectively on walls. Once in place, they become a ‘window’ through which you can view your choice of scene – a Manhattan skyline, a dense forest, a tranquil stream. It certainly beats a blank wall – or a view of a damp car park. There’s even the option of a porthole variant – an exciting way of spicing up a space – from a visitor attraction to a non-sea-facing cabin on a cruise ship.

Great for wellbeing

A view isn’t just a nice to have. It’s proven to be good for physical and mental wellbeing, as the BBC’s Countryfile explored. Whilst you can’t beat the real thing, a simulated view is the next best thing in locations where real mountains or oceans are in short supply.

The Lumigo Sign Range

JCS Lumigo LED Sign

Custom signs

Our custom LED wall signs are perfect for advertising or simply brightening up your room! We can print almost anything for you on to a 1200mm x 600mm panel. We also supply surface mounting kits so you can easily fit the panel to your wall.

The Lumigo Wall Range

LED Wall PAnels

Don’t let your room or office feel dark and dingy, let some light in! Our range of wall panels will help imitate real outside settings to make any room feel bigger and bolder.